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KLFW RTW 2015: Jonathan Liang

KLFW RTW 2015: Jonathan Liang

About the Jonathan Liang Fall/Winter 2015 Collection:
Inspired by the American artist Jim Hodges and his untitled art installation in 2011, Paris-based designer Jonathan Liang fused the concept of metallic-glazed granite with the sensation of wanderlust into an inimitable Fall/Winter 2015 collection aimed at the woman who loves to travel and discover. Where Hodges juxtaposed rough stones with metallic lacquers, Liang translates into metallic options contracting solid, basic looks.
Throughout the collection, metallic pieces appeared alongside textured basics and various silhouettes, including cinched waists, boxy fits and fit to flare. Details including rose-gold hardware bring to a Liang level of refined touches to the forefront of the season, with embroidery, fringe, hidden pockets and zippers that give space for backpacks pushing the designer’s technical prowess.
Jonathan Liang brings back his keen fondness of textures and fabrication into the fall lineup, introducing technical Lurex, silk and embroidered silk organza into what became a pebbled textured parks with a mesh and fringe skirt, a metallic glazed leather shirt dress and a technical Lurex with embroidered fringe top and skirt.
The Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook features an art installation collaboration with artist and fine arts restorer Margaret Jones, cultivating reindeer moss, sheet moss and cushion moss onto a copper plate, reflecting the relationship between textures and solids found within the collection while creating the atmosphere of a woman’s unquenchable lust for traveling.
About Jonathan Liang
Founded in 2011, Jonathan Liang’s eponymous label provides the modern woman with adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that are intimate, lustrous and effortless. While also spread-heading the Malaysian brand d.d as creative director, the Paris-based designer continues to maintain his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship.

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KLFW RTW 2015: James Hock SS16

James Hock SS16
How I wish I knew about James Hock when I was in London last month.
Here's the ss16 collection at the KLFWRTW 2015

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KLFW RTW 2015: Maatin Shakir

 Maatin Shakir (menswear + womenswear)

Info provided by MAATIN SHAKIR FOR RTW KLFW 2015:

MAATIN SHAKIR is back for another year, making it the second time for the annual KLFW this year. This time with more excitement as the designer is bringing prints and pattern fabrics into play again after a well celebrated collection last year. After making his debut at last year’s KLFW, MAATIN SHAKIR has got the ball rolling and staying true to the identity of the brand – bold prints and patterns in his designs from the Raya Collection, season collection and even to his capsule collection.

This year, MAATIN SHAKIR will be bringing the audience all the way to Greece following his recent family vacation there. Inspired by the Greek mythological history of war, love and purity of the Gods, this year’s KLFW collection will be ready-to-wear with a celestial feel in the designs. The womenswear collection will portray the soft, elegant yet strong silhouettes reflecting the presence of a Greek Goddess. The menswear is inspired by the masculinity and strength of the Olympian Gods as portrayed by the colour palletes and design.

MAATIN SHAKIR’s RTW KLFW 2015 collection will showcase the strong men and women of the year, reflecting both the masculinity and softness of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympia. Kuala Lumpur this year will travel back into time and experience the ethereal times of Olympia with MAATIN SHAKIR at this year’s RTW KLFW 2015.

KLFW RTW 2015: K Alif

KLFW RTW 2015: K Alif

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