Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paradigm's anniversary + fashion show

beauty products

while producing the video about beauty trends, I realised that I really have a lot of beauty products, stay tuned for reviews ;)

Lombok trip

Her are some photos of my short trip to Lombok, Indonesia:

The infinity pool in front of our hotel

The infinity pool in front of our hotel

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Asia Cosmetic Focus: Current trends and cosmetic outlook in Malaysia

Sorry for the hiatus, was busy working on a project about beauty trends with a South Korean company EC21 company for their project 'Asia Cosmetic Focus'.
EC 21 is the global B2B marketing company in Korea and the publisher of 'Asia Cosmetic Focus' which handles the cosmetic market trend in 10 Asia countries.
This project is conducted by Foundation of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute, which is under the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
This is distributed to all cosmetic companies and industries in Korea for free through a free monthly ebook.
Here is the video I produced for them, do check it out ;)