Sunday, January 31, 2016

CNY @ Cheng Ho Court, Philea Mines Beach Resort

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey at Cheng Ho Court, Philea Mines Beach Resort.
The restaurant is named after the renowned Admiral Cheng Ho,
This newly renovated restaurant features warms colours and dark wood finishing.
Toss the Yee Sang for good fortune here. Choose from a variety of accompaniments such as abalone, salmon, Chinese carp, jellyfish and vegetarian.
The Yee Sang promotion is available from now till Feb 22, 2016, price range from RM68nett to RM328nett and is available in two sizes.
Set menus are available from now till Feb 22, 2016,  price starts from RM1288nett to RM1988nett for a table of 10 persons.
Special Chinese New Year a la carte and dim sum menus are also available for additional options for the curious palates.
Cheng Ho Court, Mines resort City
We were served dishes from the Wealth in Aplenty Set (RM1,288nett per table of 8-10 persons)

Jelly Fish Yee Sang
Strawberry and apricot are among the ingredients used to make the sauce, making this an appetising starter
I love it when the wait staff says auspicious words when preparing the Yee Sang

Toss to a good year ahead

Deep-fried Roasted Chicken with Plum Sauce 

Steamed River Patin Fish with Nyonya Sauce
Wok-fried Prawns with Kiwi Fruit Salads
Wok-fried Assorted Vegetables with Dry Sole Fish

Steamed Fried Rice with Preserved Duck
I'm usually full before the rice dish but this turns out to be one of my favourite dishes and I actually finished a bowl of this. Thumbs up to the chef for using smoked duck; I'm not a huge fan of duck but this was really delicious.
Chilled Honey Sea Coconut with Sea Fungus
I love sea coconut dessert!
Fancy Duet: Fried Nian Gao with Lotus Paste Mochi
Fancy Duet

Chef Leong Weng Heng & Chef Joo Khay Hing, the chefs who prepared our meal.

While waiting, we were served Chicken Char Siew Pao

Dim sum is available from  11.30am to 2.30pm daily  

The view from Philea Mines Beach Resort
The view from Philea Mines Beach Resort

Restaurant seats 120 guest

Cheng Ho Court
Philea Mines Beach Resort
Jalan Dulang
Mines Resort City
43300 Seri Kembangan

03-8945 6688

Business hours :
Dim Sum 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm to 9pm

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sau Gong and Chinese New Year dishes at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Summer Palace

End the year with a Sau Gong meal and usher in the Lunar New Year with an auspicious feast at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel’s Summer Palace Restaurant from now till February.
Show your appreciation to clients, business associates and staff by rewarding them for the past year’s fortune to one of three specially prepared Sau Gong menus by Chinese Master Chef Low Lam Chong from Jan 4 to Feb 6.
Abalone galore
There’s the ‘Auspicious’ Sau Gong Menu (RM1,288nett), ‘Longevity’ Sau Gong Menu (RM1,688nett) and ‘Abundance’ Sau Gong Menu (RM2,188nett); prices are for per table of 10 persons. Both Longevity and Abundance menu includes a bottle of house wine or sparkling juice.

We began the food review by tossing the yee sang.
Here at Summer Palace, you can choose from a variety of Yee Sang offerings, available for dine-in or takeaway from Jan 4 to Feb 22.
The Vegetarian Korean Pear is priced at RM68nett (small)/RM118nett (large); African Abalone (RM198nett small, RM318nett large); while the Salmon with Soft Shell Crab, Crispy Fruits and Salmon Yee Sang, Smoked Salmon Yee Sang with Organic Vegetables, Three Varieties of Fish, and Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang are each priced at RM108nett (small) or RM168nett (large).
The sauce added to the yee sang was made from peach and orange jam, lending a sweet and sour taste.
We were then served the Double-boiled mini dumpling soup with Chinese cabbage and bamboo piths, and Steamed dragon tiger garoupa with black fungus in basket from the ‘Longevity’ Sau Gong Menu.
The soup, which also has abalone and scallop, was light yet satisfying. The dumpling contained prawns and chicken.
Roasted crispy smoked duck rolls and boneless chicken served in Chinese bun

My personal favourite was the Roasted crispy smoked duck rolls and boneless chicken served in Chinese bun from the Abundance menu; it is a different way to enjoy duck and chicken.
I love that it is boneless, something seniors and children can appreciate.
The duck rolls contained prawns; it is smoked to rid the duck of its gamey smell. This was served with a side of salad and the tangy sauce had everyone at the table asking the chef for the recipe.
Turns out it was made with homemade applesauce and vinegar.
Next, we sampled items from the Chinese New Year Prosperity Set Menus---Baked fresh water prawns with mayo and tobiko; and Stir fried noodle with seafood in soya sauce
The prawns were fried to give it a crunchy texture.
I was delighted that the noodles were served with scallops, a personal favourite of mine.
The CNY menus are available from Feb 7 to 22, which features a mix of classic dishes as well as Chef Low ’s specialties.
Choose from the Prosperity Menu A (RM1,288nett), Prosperity Menu B (RM1,688nett) or Prosperity Menu C (RM2,188nett); prices are for per table of 10 persons. Menu B and C includes a bottle of house wine or sparkling wine.
It is customary to have something sweet for CNY and for dessert, we had Chilled lemongrass jelly with coconut ice-cream.
The lemongrass added a refreshing taste to the dessert.

SUMMER PALACE Level 3, Putrajaya Marriot Hotel, IOI Resort City, Sepang Utara, Selangor. (Tel: 03-8949 8888 ext 1333). Business Hours: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm.