Monday, June 24, 2013

What's for breakfast?: Homemade cheesy egg sandwich

breakfast: Homemade cheesy egg sandwich
bread (you can use any type of bread but I prefer wholemeal)
poached egg (you can substitute it with fried egg or scrambled eggs)
one slice of cheese (i placed it into the bread and heated it on the pan because i love melty cheese <3)
sesame sauce
mixed dried herbs

It's super easy to make. If someone like me who has no cooking skills whatsoever can make this, you can too!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dumplings Festival

Happy Dumpling Festival (aka Dragon Boat Festival), here's a recipe for dumplings!

2kg whole chicken (cleaned and deboned)
1kg glutinous rice
60g diced onions
3 whole garlic
200g chestnut (steamed and skin removed)
300g dried shrimps
250g mushroom
Fried garlic
Salted egg yolks
Food enhancer
Salt and pepper to taste
Black bean sauce
Soy sauce
Bamboo leaves and hemp strings
Cooking method:
1. Heat some oil in a pan and add in onions and garlic, fry till light brown or fragrant.
2. Add in dried prawns, followed by mushrooms, chestnuts, and chicken meat.
4. Lastly, add in salt, pepper & ajinomoto (optional).
5. Stir till chicken is cooked. 
6. Form two leaves into a cone and begin filling the dumpling. Make sure you wrap the ingredients with the smooth side.
7. Start with a spoonful of rice, followed by a salted egg yolk and the cooked ingredients. Top it off with another layer of rice.
8. Delicately wrap and tie the dumpling.
(Tip: tie several strings together and hang it up, it is easier to tie the dumplings this way).
9. Boil water in a huge pot with cover. Add in dumplings and cook for an hour and a half.
10. Ensure the water covers the dumplings.
11. Remove and place on a piece of paper till water drains out. Ready to be served.