Monday, March 11, 2013

Funny vid

Someone gave me a link to this funny vid by David So and...omg, this guy's hilarious!
*READ THIS FIRST: If you are easily offended or someone who get ruffled up just hearing curses, racist jokes (albeit no harm intended) or even words like 'white people', 'b**ch', don't watch the video or read this post. Yup, I actually know people like that, who'd go "ohmygod, did he just say the b-word?/ f-word/ x-word; that's so rude!" .

I don't usually get racist remarks because I live in a pretty multicultural neighbourhood; except for the time someone asked if I was Japanese and I said no, and he said "You sure? Maybe your grandma was ____ during the Japanese occupation." Are you serious? that's totally disrespectful.
But i do get funny comments when I travel abroad or come across some dimwit in my country.
During my vacation in Phuket, I was casually chatting with an Australian tourist in the elevator and she said, "You speak good English." Thanks for the compliment (I'm not being sarcastic, it was indeed a sincere compliment). And I'm glad you did not felt otherwise as English is my first language.

Ok, I'm guilty of the "How do you say 'sh*t' in your language" (and I actually want to know more colourful words than just "sh*t")

I lose count of how many times people ask me to write their names in Chinese; it's not easy, do you know many Chinese characters are there? I can write Lisa/ Carl / Jamal in many ways.

I actually don't mind when people try to relate to me by food, though they don't usually get it right.
sushi? no
chop suey? er, i dunno what's that
pho? no
sashimi? dude, u guessed wrong at sushi
But i understand that they are just trying to find a common topic and I appreciate that (and you gotta read up on different cultures, babe)

And about guessing which Asian country I'm from, most people can't get it right.
"You from China?"
"You Japanese?"
"But you speak Japanese"

But then again, I can't guess correctly where they are from, so I guess we are even.

For some, race (and religion) is a sensitive thing; we should be respectful but at the same time, we should also loosen up. Just try and learn more about others and share our culture, too. Peace (-_-)v

For more funny stuff from David So, check out his other vlogs :)

p/s: This is not an advertorial, Mr. So did not pay me. I just wrote about it because the videos are just too funny.