Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recipe: Malaysian Sushi Roll

Genji master chef Richard Teoh shares with us the recipe for Malaysia sushi roll:

1 cup sushi rice
1 seaweed sheet
150g bonless chicken rendang
80g chicken floss
40g julienned cucumber
Some chilli padi
Some lettuce, Romaine or any salad greens
Some Wasabi paste
Bamboo Mat

1. Lay the seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat.
2. Wet both hands, take a handful of sushi rice, place it at the centre of the seaweed sheet, spread the rice on the seaweed evenly
3. Spread the chicken rendang, chicken floss, cucumber, lettuce at the centre of the rice layer.
4. Together with the bamboo mat, roll and fold the sushi forward to another end of the rice layer while holding the contents gently.
5. Lift the bamboo mat, turn the sushi roll over the empty space of seaweed sheet, lay the bamboo mat over the sushi roll and press gently.
6. Remove the sushi roll from the bamboo mat.
7. Cut the sushi roll and serve with ginger pickle and wasabi paste.

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