Friday, September 2, 2016

Sino Scene Chinese Restaurant @ Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur’s Sino Scene Chinese Restaurant tantalises diners’ taste buds with its modern and classic styles of Hong Kong and Szechuan cuisine.
Szechuan cuisine is renowned for its hot, sour, sweet and savoury sensations; Hong Kong cuisine, on the other hand, has a distinct emphasis on fusion due to its blend of cultures and traditions varying from Cantonese to Hakka, Teochew and Shanghainese.
According to food and beverage director Danny Wong,it was only natural to have a Chinese restaurant as Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences is a popular venue for wedding dinners and the Chinese menu is one of the choices clients opt for.
The restaurant specialises in clay pot dishes and is helmed by Chinese Chef Alex Choong Mian Sang.
With more than 20 years of international experience under his belt, he had worked for seven years as Chef de Partie in Brunei and as an Executive Head Chef (Asian Cuisine) in Zhejiang, China.
For the review, we were served the restaurant’s signature dishes.
The meal started with Aromatic Peking Duck served with cucumber, spring onion, hoi sin sauce and pancake.
The dish disappeared within minutes as we had been waiting for more than an hour for guests to arrive.
To showcase the restaurant’s Szechuan flavours, the chef served Szechuan bird’s nest with crab meat soup, perfect for the chilly weather as it was raining before the review.
Next was Steamed chicken with ginseng in claypot. This nourishing dish is one of my favourite, the flavourful gravy complemented the fall-off-the-bone chicken.
This was followed by three seafood dishes: Crispy sea grouper Siamese style was a mix of sweet, sour and a hint of spiciness; Salted egg prawn with pumpkin; and Green shell abalone with sea cucumber and shiitake mushroom.
Initially I thought the shell was merely decoration but the chef said it is indeed the shell of the abalone, which was imported from Taiwan.
On the prawns, he said, “The sweetness of the pumpkin and saltiness of the salted egg complement each other.”
Next were Braised vegetarian parcel and seasonal vegetables with scallop sauce, adorned with baby pak choy topped with goji berries.
This was followed by Wok fried rice with smoked oyster. I enjoyed it even though I was pretty full by now as the rice was fluffy and not too salty.
Lastly, we were served the Sino Scene special durian pancake with chilled aloe vera, something durian fans may look forward to.
The presentation was Instagrammable with the red papaya and aloe vera juxtaposed against the black bowl.
The restaurant could seat up to 150 pax. There is a private room with two tables.
With Mid Autumn just around the corner, Swiss-Garden International offers eight traditional favourites.
The mooncakes are presented in a set of four and priced at RM 118 and RM 68 per gift box. Swiss-Garden International offers two different kinds of mooncake boxes to choose from which is Imperial Gold and Autumn Migration Carrier Series.
The Imperial Gold box (RM118) can be converted into a jewellery box or make up box; flavours include White Lotus with Single Yolk, White Lotus, Pearly Jade and Red Bean.
The Autumn Migration Carrier Series (RM68) include the flavours of Black Sesame, Assorted Fruits and Nuts, Pure Lotus with Single Yolk and Pearly Jade.
The mooncakes are available for online sale at from now till Sept 15. Prices per piece are between RM28 and RM32.
Swiss-Garden International Mooncake Shop is also available at Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur and Atria Shopping Gallery while One Utama Shopping Centre from now till 15 September 2016.
For inquiries and advance orders, call 603 2785 1111 Ext. 1272 / 1191 or email, visit, or follow @swissgardenofficial on Instagram.

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur,
117, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2785 1111 (ext 1272).
Business hours: noon to 2.30pm (lunch) and 6pm to 10.30pm (dinner) daily.

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