Friday, July 19, 2013

Jeju Island: An Island of Sky and Sea

Jeju Island: An Island of Sky and Sea
I recently received this gift---a guidebook about Jeju Island!
I have yet to visit this island, a beautiful one at that, judging from the photos in the book.
Unlike some K-drama fans (who would love to visit the film sites), the thought of visiting Jeju never occurred as it seems expensive to get there.
However, listening to Wonders of Jeju and reading this book has increased my interest in visiting the island.
There is so much that I would like to see: the Olle-gil, Samyang Black Sand Beach, Dolhareubang Park, etc.
It seems like one could not see all the attractions even if you stay there for a month.
And the Jeju dialect sounds so interesting.
Anyone has any suggestions on how to get there? Are there direct flights there? Or how to get there from Seoul?

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