Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kim Hyung-jun 김형준 exclusive interview

(blast from the past: Interviewed in November 2011)

Fans of South Korean singer-actor Kim Hyung-jun, of boyband SS501 fame, was in town for the Malaysia Model Festival Awards 2012 in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa as a special guest.
Check out the exclusive interview with Kim:
The last time Kim came to Malaysia was with SS501, of which he was the youngest member.
“This is my first time solo. I feel lonely without the other members but at the same time, it feels like visiting my hometown,” he said.
Speaking of Malaysia, Kim confessed that he loved spicy food, especially chilli crabs, which he would indulge in whenever he was in the region.
His Achilles’ heel is the durian.
Kim prefers summer as he loves swimming and has been swimming in the hotels he stays.
He also revealed that he would be shooting a sports-themed drama, so there would be scenes of him topless.
“I have done shower scenes, but as this is a sports drama, I have to be fit so I am now spending two hours in the gym every day,” he said through an interpreter.
The multi-talented star wears many hats as emcee, singer and actor but currently, he enjoys acting in dramas and movies the most.
He won the Rising Star Award at the K-Drama Star Awards in Daejeon, South Korea.
“It was the first award I got since I started acting. This award is a boost to my confidence and gives me the energy to do better,” he said.
Asked if he could converse in Japanese, having spent 80% of last year there, the 25-year-old modestly said he could only speak a little of the language. But that does not stop Japanese fans from going ga-ga over him.
He performed in six cities during his Japan Tour in 2012, following the launch of his mini-album Escape in July, which includes the song Sorry I’m Sorry, which has both Korean and Japanese versions.
He plans to spend more time in his native country South Korea and focus on his acting.
Kim has also acted in the musical Cafe In and he said fans could look forward to a new album from him in August.
Even though it was not a meet-the-fans session, many showed up in the hope of catching a glimpse of their idol or even a chance to take photos with him.
Kim immediately excused himself after the awards ended and fans were told that he was not feeling well.
However, the dashing star later returned to the hall to pose for photos with fans.
That night, he also took a photo with renowned Malaysian designer Datuk Jimmy Choo, who was also a guest at the event, and posted the photo on his Twitter account.

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