Saturday, July 7, 2012

ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012

Woke up at 5.30am for the ntv7 Feel Good Run, it rained earlier so the road was muddy and riddled with puddles. Runners will have fun washing their nike/adidas/reebok, etc shoes.
There were 3 categories: Feel Good Run – 7 km, Run with Celebrities/ Costume Fun Run– 3 km, Kids Run– 700 m. I chose the 3km as that was the shortest route I was eligible for :p maybe with more training I can go for the 7km next time.
80 local celebrities supposedly took part. 
Among the celebs spotted were: 
Actors: Lawrence Wong, Leslie Chai, William San, Frederick Lee, Coby Chong, Adrian Tan
Actresses: Miau Miau, Tiffany Leong, 
Radio Announcers: Wayne, Nicholas
Singers: Yise Loo, Ong Shir Ching, Cheng Koon Si
TV Hosts: Naz Rahman, Daphne Iking, Joanne de Rozario, Adam Zain, Megan Tan, Chrystina Ng, Adam Zain, Mayjune Tan
...and many more

 Off we go! Actor Adrian Tan leading the 3km run.

 The Hulk and Capt America also took part in the run.

 DJ/TV host Nicolas (in lime green shoes), singer Yise, Tiffany Leong, Joey Leong.

 1km to go, yay!
 Hats off to this...princess?...who ran in her dress.

 Fans were excited to see DJ Wayne Thong and William San

 Celebs posing with their Feel Good medals.

A total of RM142,800 was raisedand donations were channeled equally to four participating beneficiaries – Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, The Pure Life Society, PAWS Animal Welfare Society Malaysia,
and Yayasan Chow Kit. Each beneficiary will be receiving a total of RM35,700.

I'm feeling good after the run, how bout you?

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