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What's for dinner? Breaking fast at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel &Spa

Ramadan special: Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner and restaurants are offering Ramadan promotions. For starters, let's take a look at what Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa has to offer.
As its name indicates, the Ratusan Resipi Ramadan at Zest in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa will offer diners hundreds of selections in the buffet spread from July 23 to Aug 15, 2012.
The buffet is spread out and it seemed rather spacious; so for example if there's a long queue at the seafood section, you could always go to the Mexican corner.

The affable Hotel Malay Chef Zulkifli Mohammad took us through the buffet spread, introducing the various items offered for diners. 

One of the highlights is Putrajaya Marriott’s signature Ramadan buffet specialty-- Tujuh Kawah which consists of Kari Kepala Ikan, Ayam Kerutup, Daging Gulai Kawah, Ikan Assam Pedas, Perut Lembu Masak Cili Padi, Kambing Kuzi, and Dalca Tulang Rawan.

New additions to the menu include the calf of cow and the all new Dusun Buah with a selection of local fruits such as durian, nangka (jackfruit), rambutan, mangosteen, and cempedak.

Check out the salad options.

Grilled seafood items like grilled squid, prawns, crabs, stingrays, and otak-otak.

Cold cuts

Chefs from other restaurants in the hotel also chip in for the buffet at Zest.
For example, Midori chef Uramoto Katsuyuki lends a hand to the Japanese section that offers maki sushi (rolled sushi), California maki rolls, and salmon slices. 

 I appreciate a good selection of breads. Pity I couldn't try all during the review.

 The cheese platter.

For those who love seafood:

 A big fish is served daily during the Ramadan promo.

For me, what sets Zest apart from other Ramadan buffet is its Mexican station as most restaurants usually offer Malay, Japanese, Indian and Chinese cuisine. 

Here you will find with tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and various salsa sauces.

And now, my favourite part of every buffet---desserts:
I was quite stuffed by the time I got to desserts so I only managed to try a few yummy selections. Note-to-self (and fellow dessert fans), go for desserts first!

Kuih-muih, cakes, tarts, sweet porridges, etc...the list is endless.

I recommend the  Teppanyaki Ice Cream. Just choose your fave flavour and the chef will whip up a Teppanyaki ice-cream. It's a simple yet lovely treat.

 Malaysian kuih (to know what kuih is, go to

Choose your favourite toppings at the Ais Kacang section

Strawberry desserts ^^

I like the fact that this choc cake is cut into bite-sizes.

  Verrine (confection served in small glass). I just love the gorgeous colors.

Ok, by now you could tell that I really LOVE desserts ;)

Other items:
A chef from Mumbai was invited to helm the Tandoor station that serves North and South Indian food such as murtabak, roti canai, curries and chutneys.
Nasi Briyani, Nasi Kerabu, Bubur Lambuk, steamed and deep-fired dim sum, and roast lamb.
Fried items: chicken wings, Ikan Basung, and seafood items on skewers. 
Noodle station: Curry Mee, Assam Laksa, Prawn Mee, Mee Siam, and Mee Goreng Mamak.
Rojak: Rojak Pasembur, Rojak Sotong Kangkung, Rojak Buah, and Rojak Singapore.
The usual satay, ketupat and serunding.
...and many more.

During the media preview, we were told that this was only 40% of the actual buffet so you could imagine the variety of foods. If you are a moderate eater like me, you would need to go there at least 5 times to be able to sample every item.

  • The Ratusan Resipi Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet is priced at RM105++ per adult and RM63++ per child. It is available from July 23 to Aug 15.
  • Surau rooms are available for Muslim guests.
  • Aside from the buka puasa buffet, Zest also have regular buffet dinner during Ramadan on July 21, 22 and Aug 16, 17, 18; priced at RM88++ per adult and RM53++ per child.
  • The Hari Raya Hi-Tea Buffet, priced at RM68++ per adult and RM41++ per child offers local and international dishes like Serunding Daging and Ketupat, Rendang, Wajik, Ais Kacang, Roti Jala and Satay.
  • You can also enjoy Sahur Buffet from July 21 to Aug 18 from 3am till Subuh. Priced at RM52++ per adult and RM31++ per child, Sahur Buffet is interchangeable for guests who are entitled for the regular breakfast buffet.
  • You can enjoy the Sahur In-Room Dining in the comforts of your room with five rotating menus after midnight to before Subuh from July 20 to Aug 18. Priced at RM52++, it is exchangeable for breakfast buffet for all in-house guests that are entitled to breakfast with room.
  • Other food outlets in the hotel also offer special buka puasa meals such as the Ramadan All-you-can-eat Dinner in Summer Palace, Ramadan Special Bento Set in Japanese restaurant Midori, and Ramadan Special Italian Set Dinner in Italian restaurant Tuscany.
Zest in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa is located in IOI Resort City, Sepang Utara. 
Ramadan hotline: 03-8949 8888 ext 1330 or 1965. 
Business hours: 6.30am to 10.30pm daily. 


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