Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's for dinner? Breaking fast at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur's Planters’ Inn offers its Semarak Ramadan buffet from July 21 to Aug 18.

Executive chef Mohd Ridzuan Abd Malek said they aim to provide freshness and variety for diners as well as healthier choices this Ramadan with minimal wastage.
“Olive oil is used for grilling and salad dressing and we offer low fat yoghurt and mayonnaise.
“We use rock sugar for the bubur and it is less sweet but we have a bowl of sugar next to it and you can adjust the sweetness accordingly,” he said.
I'm glad to hear that they strive to avoid wasting by
offering smaller portions (ie: cutting kuih into smaller pieces). You are welcome to take more if you like it after sampling it.
According to the chef, there is an increase from 200 items to 350 choices in the buffet menu.
New items this year are tempura at the Japanese section, Mongolian barbecue by the Chinese kitchen and Nasi Kandar.
Take your pick from items like Sliced Chicken Breast, Sliced Gizzard, Sliced Lamb, Sliced Red Snapper, Sliced Salmon, Flower Crab, Fresh Prawn (Butterfly), Squid, and Green Mussel at the Mongolian barbeque section and the chef will cook it up for you.
The Warung Nasi Kandar offers Beef Massala, Lamb Dalcha, Vegetables Dalcha, Fried Fish Roe with Tumeric & Onion, Fish Head Curry with Okra & Brinjal, Stir Fried Bendi with Dried Shrimp, Egg Foo Yung and Ayam Madu.
A chef from India for this month to man the Tandoori section and kebab.

So with all that on the buffet spread, what did I go for first? Desserts of course:

 I went for crepe with custard cream filling. It was great that the crepe was made on the spot as I do not fancy cold crepe; the warm crepe paired with ice-cream was certainly a delightful combination.

Chocolate lovers can dip their favourite condiments such as marshmallow and fruits at the Chocolate Fountain Bar.
Kuih: Tepung Talam, Keria, Tepung Pelita, Ketayap, Seri Muka, Lepat, Kuih Talam, Bingka Pisang, Kuih Badak, and Putu Piring.
Drinks: there is Tongkat Ali Teh Tarik and Kacip Fatimah Coffee, a variety of refreshing drinks such as mango and kiwi juices and a special mixture of lychee and green tea.
Bubur (sweet porridge)  Kacang Hijau and Durian, Pengat Ubi and Sago, Pulut Hitam, Bubur Cha Cha, Pengat Labu, Pengat Pisang Bersago, Bubur Gandum, Bubur Jagung, Pengat Ubi Keledek, and Serawa Durian.

Enough text, let's check out the photos:
An assortment of crunchies
At the seafood bar, you can find Chillean and New Zealand mussels

Seafood items waiting to be grilled. I love the grilled fish.
A variety of noodles

I know I could easily get these fried snacks at food stalls but I just couldn't resist fried jackfruit.

Malaysian kuih
more kuih...
egg tarts. So-so lah

Just a random shot of pickles

Veggie wraps, best paired with sweet & sour chilli sauce
Ais Kacang
A buka puasa must-have---ketupat & lemang

Crème brûlée?


The salad was supposed to be stuffed into the sharwarma, but I enjoyed it on its own, love the fact that the mayonnaise was just the right amount. I do not fancy salad drowning in dressing.

Planters’ Inn will provide Terawih prayers by an Imam, collection of Zakat and Ghazal live band performance.

I was about to leave when I saw that they have brought out the macaroons. It was chewy and yummy, love it! Wished that I had more space in my tummy to fit more ;)

The Semarak Ramadan buffet is available at RM108++ per person. Children four to 12-years-old dine at 50% off.
Alternatively, you can experience a Kampung Bazaar-style buka puasa at the hotel’s outdoor Garden Terrace on level 30 at RM110++ per person from July 21 to Aug 20. For reservations, call 03-2146 3807, 3879, 3885 or

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
(Tel: 03-2146 3820/3821).
Business hours: 6.30am-11pm;
Ramadan buffet is available from 7pm to 10pm.

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