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Popcorn time: Wira Wah 华Xiao英雄

Wira Wah
in cinemas June 4, 2015

The story
School teacher Wira Wah (Auguste Kwan) was assigned to teach in a rural area at the Wah Wah Chinese Primary School.
He tries his best to improve not only the students' command of Mandarin but also the villagers'. Sadly, the school has to be shut down as the number of students that they have is insufficient.
Will he be able to save the school in time?


My two cents:
I had no expectations prior to the movie but this is a good watch! Yes there were some plot holes but overall it's one of the better Malaysian movies I've watched this year so far...or dare I say, the best?
It managed to be funny yet thought-provoking.  The innuendos were pretty witty. And it made me proud to take up Chinese language classes.
One of my favourite scenes has gotta be the part where Aunty Lai Meng advises Auguste Kwan while eating clams. She's one of my favourite actresses by the way.
It's the holiday season, so go watch it with your family & kids

Aunty Lai Meng shines in her role
School teacher Wira Wah (Auguste Kwan) was assigned 
to teach in a primary school in rural area
Mimi Choo plays Wira Wah's mom
The dashing Michael Tong in a cameo  as Wira Wah's elder bro,
wish he had more screen time
Cathryn Lee
Crystal Lee

Production notes:
Presented by : 12 B Sdn Bhd
Movie Title: WIRA WAH

Executive Producer : Tan Boon Huat/Auguste Kwan
Chief Director : Lee Lik Chi
Director       : Brando Lee
Starring :  Auguste Kwan , Cathryn Lee
Co- Starring : Dato Lai Ming, Feon Lai, Loo Sheng Yau, Dansonn Lee, Jaspers Lai, Berg Lee, Freddie Wong, Michael Chin Ye How, Rama Sundran, Michael Tong, Choo Mi Mi , Loo Aye Keng, Crystal Lee,
Steve Yap, Pearly Chua, Alvin Wong, Baki Zainal, Joey Liew, Epy Raja Lawak, Khoo Ee Ping

Wira Wah is a Malaysian comedy written by Ryon Lee, Lee Lik Chi as chief director, story and main casted by Auguste. It's a story about local education, love and encouragement.

出版      : 12 B Sdn Bhd
电影名称  : 华Xiao英雄
监制 :   陈温法/關德輝
顾问总导演 :   李力持(香港)
导演       :   李家鋐
演出   : 關德輝, 李元玲, 朱咪咪, 吕爱琼, 李馨巧, 黎明,
黎艳琼, 羅聲耀 (肥耀), 李健華, 赖宇涵, 李承運, 王駿 陈逸豪, Rama Sundran, 唐文龍, 叶忠文, 叶良财
王竣, 蔡寶珠, 巴麒, 廖素芬, 邱忆萍
首部由香港著名导演李力持指导、總監陳温法、 马来西亚千万票房导演“大日子、天天好天、NasiLemah2.0、一路有你 ”編劇李勇昌、 全亚洲最年轻影后-李馨巧、原創故事及演出關德輝。馬來西亞別樹一幟集教育、搞笑、愛情、勵志、鬥智、動作、感人於一身的爆笑無厘頭喜劇電影。

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