Thursday, March 12, 2015

Popcorn time: The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water

 3D premiere screening of The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

As a Spongebob fan, I've been looking forward to this!

Story: After the secret crabby patty recipe vanishes, it's doomsday for Bikini Bottom citizens. It's up to our heroes, led by none other than Spongebob to search for the missing recipe so they could bring back Crabby Patties and restore peace and order in Bikini Bottom.
My two cents:
I was somewhat apprehensive at first after watching the trailer as I'm not sure if I would like an uncartoony version of my fave cartoon. Thankfully, there was enough cartoon before our sea creatures (and one squirrel) came out of water to the surface.
Some of the jokes may seen nonsensical but it's all done in true Spongbob spirit. I wish there were more 3D effects though.
Overall, as a fan without high expectations, I enjoyed it.
The premiere left me singing along to the theme song and seriously craving for a Crabby Patty.

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