Sunday, May 7, 2017

코웨이 Coway Run 2017

Coway Run 2017
What dd you do over the weekend?
Me? Oh, I just did a 5km+10km race *smug face*

It was a weekend of many firsts: my first time doing 2 race events in a month, my first time doing both back-to-back over two days!
First it was the 5km Envirorace (more on that later), which was definitely more than 5km as we were led through a longer route and had to walked back to the starting point after the event. So in total I walked more than 15km over two days!
The next day was the first ever Coway Run!

And off we go!

The giant water purifiers were certainly a "selfie magnet".

Coway water station ... a welcoming sight ^^
배고팡~ Passed by a McD, so tempted to pop in for a brekkie :p

Hey who wrote this to taunt me :p
OMG, the finishing line, finally~ My time was around 1hr54m, not good at all T_T

Love the bottle design & i love the sky blue colour <3

10km finisher's medal, yay!
It was a fun experience!

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