Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ivan Young

The latest collection from luxury fashion brand Ivan Young, brought to Malaysia by Multilabel Group, was unveiled at its grand opening & fashion show on 17th May 2017.
The fashion show, at its corporate office at UOA Business Park , highlighted designer clothes fundamentally made of premium mulberry silk. Apart from contemporary designs,  the collection also included cheongsam with modern and elegant touch.

The Guangzhou-based fashion designer Ivan Young was present at the event.
Multilabel Group founder Jane said that Ivan Young caters to men and women who appreciate couture hand made with exquisite and fine garments.
“The brand offers stylish gowns, cheongsams, blouses, skirts, pants and ready-towear simple silhouette designs. They are exclusively designed and made of quality silk for comfort. The premium garments even help to relieve sensitive skin and are suitable for pregnant ladies” she said .
Apart from showcasing Ivan Young fashion line, the event also presented Janelle, another brand under Multilabel Group which features handcrafted jewelleries including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Models with IVAN YOUNG’s apparel that is made by 100% premium mulberry silk.

Ivan Young graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Fashion degree from the South
China Agricultural University. He is known for his unprecedented designs, attention
to details, and his eye in identifying only the most luxurious materials to craft his
He began his fashion career by being the first to design the Chinese Ambassador
Culture custom-made clothing line. The line was his first few creations that reflected
sophistication, and high attention and precision in every detail. His artworks’
delicateness and beauty was loved and sought after by many.
Ivan Young fashion line is exclusively designed using only premium materials that
are specially handpicked by the designer himself. The fundamental material in the
line is mulberry silk and only 100% premium mulberry silk is used; matched with
luxurious embellishments for a perfect pairing or combination. Be assured that every
stitch is of perfection and of exquisite intricacy. A true one of a kind handcrafted
For more information about IVAN YOUNG, visit

JANELLE was founded in 2010 by two aspiring sisters – Elle and Jane from
Peninsular Malaysia. Inspired by high-fashion designer jewelleries as little girls, they
decided to translate their burning passion into crafting and designing exclusive
costume jewelleries ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.
Each piece is designed individually using carefully handpicked and selected
materials. Imported fine quality rhinestones, cubic zirconia, glass stones, acrylic
stones and 18k gold plated hardware are used as embellishments and intricately
fused with a blend of complementing materials to create that one unique, beautiful
For more information about Janelle,  visit

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