Monday, June 25, 2012

Books I read: Hamlyn Complete Cook

Title: Hamlyn Complete Cook
subtitle: 400 ingredients explained, 100 tools & utensils, 1000 delicious recipes, 50 basic techniques

This is a useful book for cooking dummies like me as it teaches basic techniques such as how to chop onions, how to cut julienne strips, how to test eggs for freshness (u mean there are other ways than cracking it open to smell if it's foul?), etc.
I also like that there are illustrations detailing the different cuts of meats; i now know where the chump is. Not that I will be slicing meat anytime soon (I'm trying to be less meat-ful) but it's good to impress chefs I may interview ;)
There are some colour photos but only for a few selected recipes, not all; and black-and-white beautiful illustrations.
One minor gripe is that not all of  the descriptions of the ingredients are accompanied by photos, in fact the few illustrations are in black-and-white.
But I guess that would incur cost and add more pages to the already 605 pages.
Overall, an informative book for cook-wannabes.

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