Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's for lunch?: Han Woo Ri 한우리

I love set lunches, because it's value for money and I don't have to crack my head to choose from the numerous items on the menu.
Today I feel like having Korean so I went to Han Woo Ri 한우리.
They have set lunches (priced at RM15, lunch time: noon till 3pm) that includes a main course, tea, two slices of watermelon, and some kind of dessert drink (nurunji?).

One of my favourite things about Korean food is the 반찬 Banchan (side dishes).

Banchan: Sausage. Yums! 

Banchan: Silky Tofu

My lunch partner ordered Rabokki 라볶이

I chose Dolsot Bibimbap 돌솥 비빔밥, my all-time favourite

 Mix it up! I'm not good with spicy food but I needed 2 saucers of gochujang today to add flavour, hmm...

Watermelon & what I think looks like chilled Nurunji 누룽지, I may be wrong.

As I was paying, a foreign-looking (maybe from Bangladesh) waiter/ supervisor asked me in Korean (!) if I was Korean!?
Him: ...(something) 한국 사람? (Are you Korean?)
Me: 사람 아니에요 (No)
Him: ...(something) 한국말..(something)...(i guess he was asking if I speak Korean?)
Me: 한국말 잘 못해요...
He continued rambling in a heavily non-Korean accent and all I could do was smile and nod my head.  아이구~
This is not the first time that someone asked if I'm Korean but it's the first time a non-Korean asked this question in Korean. Haha...

Han Woo Ri Korean BBQ Restaurant
(USJ Taipan)
1D & 2D, Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 Subang Jaya
03-8023 3357

C6-1, C7-1, Jalan AMpang Utama 1/1,
One Ampang Avenue,
68000 Ampang 
03-4253 1308

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