Saturday, June 30, 2012

A delicious performance: Korean musical Bibap

Ingredients: break dancing, beat-boxing, and a heavy dose of creativity and humour!
Le chefs: Red Chef, Green Chef, MC Chef, Iron Chef, Sexy Chef, Rhythm Chef, Rookie, and Cutie Chef
The dish: Bibap---A South Korean musical

I recently attended this special performance, which was hosted by the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) Kuala Lumpur Office, led by managing director Yun Jae Jin, in conjunction with the 2012 Korea Convention Year. Approximately 400 guests were treated to 80 minutes of bibap, a South Korean performance, which took the crowd on a musical and gastronomical journey with a delicious combination of beat-boxing and breakdancing, topped with a heavy dose of creativity and humour.
This is just a snippet of the exciting performance.

The story sees the Green Chef and Red Chef vying to be the bibimbap champion chef for the last order of the day.
Aiding them are the MC Chef, Iron Chef, Sexy Chef, Rhythm Chef, Rookie Chef, and Cutie Chef, who would probably not be hired as kitchen hands in real life as they seemed to be singing, breakdancing, and beat-boxing more than cooking!

Impressive beat-boxing!

Be prepared to be invited onstage to be part of the act.

The multi-talented cast and some of the invited guests taking a photo onstage.

It was so funny, we laughed till we had tears. 
The multi-talented cast flaunted their skills in beat-boxing, A Capella, break dancing and acting.
In the brochure, the “eatertainment” was described as “a peaceful and delightful dining experience”. It was delightful, but I can assure you that with props flying around, characters dancing and singing, the show was anything but peaceful.
Overall, I love Bibap. Thumbs-up! This is a must-watch show if you visit Korea,
To know more about bibap, visit

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