Saturday, June 30, 2012

Horrible facial experience

I recently purchased a facial at a special price.
I wasn't expecting much because previous experiences (of discounted facials) proved that some facial therapist don't put effort in serving customers who did not pay full price.
This time around, I was rather satisfied; the facial therapist applied several masks and gave me a shoulder massage. It was painful when she extracted the blackheads though, I was near to tears.
I was promised a 3-hour facial; the entire process (including the lengthy pre- and post-analysis) was less than 3 hours.
After the facial, my therapist then pitch her sales talk and attempted to persuade me to sign up for a package.
If I signed up on the spot, I would get a special price; this is the usual tactic.
I hate to be pressured to make a decision in the spot so I said I will think about it.
She pushed on and said if I paid a deposit, she could keep the deal for me (wow, how kind of her... -_-).
I said I didn't bring much $ as I did not expect to pay for anything today (I had paid for the facial much earlier).
How about RM10? she pressed on.
Wow, she is relentless; she'll even take RM10.
I said no, I need the $ to pay for parking.
Her supervisor then came in and asked if I had any credit cards or ATM cards.
I said I don't have any cards with me.
Not even an ATM card? she asked.
What? She wanted me to go and withdraw $ to buy the package? Were they that desperate?
supervisor: I want to ask if you are concerned about your face.
what kinda question is that?
Me: of course, or else I would not be here.
supervisor: are you really concerned about your face or did you came to just use the voucher you purchased?
Ok, that does it, this is really insulting and demeaning. First she questions if I give two hoots about my face (who doesn't?) then she insinuates that I'm here to get a promotional facial (which I paid for, it was not free; even if it was, that does not give her the right to treat me any lesser than other customers).
The two were cornering me, interrogating me like I had done something wrong. I felt so uneasy, I just wanted to leave.
I remained calm and told her that I'm both concerned about my face and I want to make use of the voucher I bought, plus I will not purchase the package on the spot; I then quickly made my exit.
The thing is: I was actually tempted to sign up for the package. But the supervisor's attitude was so off-putting that not only will I not sign up for any of their facials, I will also warn my friends of this place.
My therapist was rather nice and I was pretty pleased with her service. Even if I didn't buy any facial packages on the spot, I would have recommended it to my friends.
No way I'm going to do so now, thanks to the pushy and rude supervisor.
The problem with people like her is that they only focus on earning your $ there and then that they did not see the long-term goal.
I hope such companies can look into this matter and advise their employees to be more professional.

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