Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still hungry...

A recent food review left my photographer and I was only half-full.
I'm a moderate eater so most of the time, I'm stuffed to the brim at food reviews.
But this hotel really set a record for being so kiamsiap (stingy).
It's such a pity because the hotel was really beautiful (the exterior, not the rooms, more on that later).
On my way there, I was already thinking of how to blog about it. Well, too bad.
I called ahead to let them know that another colleague will be joining me, but was told (in a rather cold and off-putting manner) that they had only prepared food for two.
No probs, I was not asking for an extra set. I rarely asked for more food (except for once when my aller, never had to; plus, most of the time the food is more than enough.

We were almost dying of hunger, being made to wait more than an hour for the food.
My colleague said out loud that we have been waiting quite some time for the food to arrive.
The chef retorted, "We prepare this a la minute."

Excuse me but we are not walk-in guests, you invited us for a food review and had set the time. You were expecting us.
The ice-cream on the dessert has melted as we were taking photos and I pointed it out to the chef.
I almost can't believe my ears when he replied, "That's good, then you can mix it (with the other ingredients)."
Chef Edward Kwon will never let this happen. Gordon Ramsey would have yelled for the kitchen hand to bring a fresh dollop of ice-cream once he see the ice-cream melting, before I need to point it out.
It just shows the lack of passion he has for his job as a chef.
Finally the food came, we waited awhile for the second set to be served because we were told that they "prepared for two".
Then it dawn upon us. What we have before us was "for two". Do we look like we need to be on a diet?
What greeted us was a tiny portion of appetiser, a bowl of soup, 2 main course, 2 desserts.
And that was what the hotel liaison meant by "food for two".
You expect us to share a bowl of soup?!
My colleague remarked that the food portions were kinda small and the chef had the cheek to reply that "this is fine dining".
I'm sorry but I do not appreciate such sarcasm. We know what fine dining is, have been to several (many good ones); but none left us with empty stomachs.
So you see, not all food reviews are satisfying.
I took many photos but I'm not going to post it. It's just not worth my effort and time.
Have any of you had such experiences? Do share.

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